I Need To File Compliant With Eeoc


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When I was in the work force..I went thru a lot of stuff...Sexual harassment, being told the only reason I was hired was becuz I had a pretty azz and was tax deductible...gossip that I wasn't really deaf, faking it...co-workers skipping over a different job to do and was assigned for me to do....meetings and no interpretor...List goes on and on....Finally I blew my top...yep!....Stood up for myself...I had a very good job with good $$ and benefits and I was not about to let go of it. Perhaps request a meeting with your Human Resource director, along with your boss and co-workers ??...That's what I did. And I got results...and respect...Hard work pays off as of all the 8 in my department, all hearing but me...I made the most $$...so I feel it was a lot of jealousy there...
Good Luck to you and stand up for yourself