I Need To File Compliant With Eeoc

I need to file the complaint against my job with EEOC. What kind of evidence do I need in order to prove that I've been violated at work?
I hear that documentation such as emails or even writing down time date and a brief documentation of what happened or said is very helpful. I am wondering if you have to go through your job's HR first and document that if it is not resolved?
All I have is PM that I have told my sisters and husband about the incidents that have been going on at work. I also took pictures, videos and copy of emails. My HR's is my boss who is also the President of the company. There are more then 100 people working at this place. I'm the only person who has a disabilities and I feel like that I've been discriminated. I'm also been discriminated against my age cause I'm older then 2 of my coworkers who are best friends. I feel like that I've been picked on. It's a long story. I worked for this place for 7 years and the girls less then 3 years. They are getting more work then me and I got my hours cut cause they think that I wasn't been productive enough which wasn't true. I worked so hard for nothing. They took away my vacations, benefit and you named it. They are loud, rude and disrespectful and the supervisor told me that I was ungrateful and I have a bad attitude. My boss and supervisor wouldn't even tell me how my attitude was. I'm a very serious and hard working person while these girls does nothing but goof off and waste company time. They are always on their cell phone, internet at work and talk all day. The handbook said quiet surrounding, no cell phone at your desk and can't use internet on company time. My boss and supervisor see that but say nothing, boy, if I was on it, I'll get my butt jump on. It's so totally unfair.
There are more detail but I just need to know what I need in order to prove of what's going on at work. My supervisor thinks that we disabilities people should not work but collect checks. I had to laugh at her cause it's impossible to get on it and it's not as easy as she thought it'll be. And she also stated that we shouldn't drive cause we can't hear.
I want to file EEOC but I've read up on it and it stated that they will send my boss a letter that I have reported it and they want to investigates. If I do that, I know I won't have a job cause they don't want them involve in their businesses. What can I do??
Anything would be surely appreciate it.
No, I don't want to continue working there but jobs are hard to find for disabilities. Everywhere that I go to look for a job, I get turned down. :( Same old routine.. :(
My sister just told me that I don't need to tell the EEOC that I have pictures and/or video, that I may be doing it against the laws. So, I'm just going to tell them that I just have documentations. Any suggestion and opinions will highly appreciate it.
Yes, it is hard for all of us to find employment. It is harder for us because of our disability. You are not the only one. I have been through a slight similar situation but I did not complain. I didn't have clear proof nor do I know if it was related to my disability. I didn't want to work for the same boss anymore. I took it as a sign to move on.

You will find employment. I know it's easy to say. It's really hard at first and for awhile but hang in there. It takes some time to heal from the toxic environment. There are some of us going through the same employment barriers.

I don't know about the videos or pictures. How about documenting them in writing description instead? Ask EEOC about pictures or videos and ask if it may be going against the law. See what they say and you can decide from there if you are comfortable showing them.

Maybe someone has an opinion here. about the pictures and videos.
Thank you so much. I've been struggling with this for some time now. It just seems like that we (disabilities) are and alway will be pick on no matter what. There are far too many bullies out there. I'm supposed to see my caseworker from DARS (Texas Rehab) tomorrow. I'll talk to her about this. Thank you so very much.


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You will find employment. I know it's easy to say.
Yes easier said than done. I won't divulge here just how long I've been looking but after a certain amount of time it is easy to give up for a while. Especially when you have at least 2 or more 'isms' against you. To name a few (and not all apply to me FYI)- ableism/audism, ageism, racism, homophobia/transphobia, xenophobia. Many are difficult to prove because many employers/supervisors/bosses on some conscious level know not to go near it and stay just barely on this side of the line of crossing it.

It sucks. Yes it's possible to find work- two of my friends showed that in the last year- they were a bit luckier- one was only out of work for maybe 3-5 months, the other still employed when offered the the job that they just recently accepted.
How are we suppose to teach those non-disabilities people?? They can't keep treating us like that?? I've been looking for other job but there aren't much out there right now.
Welcome to the club. Just have to keep applying until an employer gives you a chance. You don't want to spend a lot of energy teaching people a lesson. It's not worth it because it'll just make you bitter in the end.
My husband thinks that I should file for workman comp to seek counselor since they have been treated me so bad. It was so bad that the boss took the 2 co-workers out to lunch and left me alone. :(
My husband thinks that I should file for workman comp to seek counselor since they have been treated me so bad. It was so bad that the boss took the 2 co-workers out to lunch and left me alone. :(
I have no idea about that to be honest. There's SSDI you could consider applying for, but I don't know a whole lot about it. It takes time to heal and move on from the wrong people have done us. Best to take it as an opportunity to try something new and know there's something better out there.
What I'm doing now is lowering my work standards matching others around me. I am not appericated and do a lot more work but never get the credit for and now they're noticing what they took for granted. I quit being nice and giving them the massive F.U. to them now Just saying ive been at this point now in my life that I don't care what they think anymore and am now a lone wolf. Wait til the day they really need the help I'm just going to run them over and not look back.


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I remember my hearing co-worker, Chuck telling me the story about EEO. Wow, he filed a complaint for his black girlfriend (he's white) because she cried a lot since the supervisors at USPS ignored her complaint against her black co-worker for sexual harassment a long time ago. He told me that it's best to have a lawyer to keep eyes on EEO since EEO doesn't always do their job. The result was that his girlfriend got $100k from USPS and the black guy was fired finally. However Chuck had to pay the lawyer $25K. He even helped other co-workers to file a complaint to EEO. He was a great guy.


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My husband thinks that I should file for workman comp to seek counselor since they have been treated me so bad. It was so bad that the boss took the 2 co-workers out to lunch and left me alone. :(
He may be right since it's work-related stress. You can get WC for that as long as you have proof.
Those of us with hearing losses tend to get mischaracterized and pegged with incorrect labels far too often. Sometimes you have to be an advocate for yourself. Have you tried contacting your local vocational rehabilitation office? They can point you in the right direction.
I've got a severe to profound hearing loss and it's quite difficult for us to really immerse ourselves in the office culture and general chit chat that people engage in while socializing with each other. I still remember a former boss of mine stating that I "needed to make a better effort to get to know my co-workers because just saying "hi" and such isn't cutting it." Apparently I needed to know the names of all their children and understand they were talking about in their cubes amongst each other. (I have my own corner office) Just ridiculously ignorant stuff like that.


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Interesting office culture you have there. I remember when it used to be frowned upon to spend time chit-chatting with co-workers instead of working. Also, sometimes too much friendly chit chat becomes gossip, fratinization or workplace drama. It can be a fine line to walk.

Maybe you can find one or two co-workers who have common interests over which you can share a little conversation.

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