I need help to write a character


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Hello! I am an aspiring comic artist, and I am currently writing a comic in which a character is deaf. I am not deaf myself and I know that I will make mistakes in my writing, so that is why I am here.
This character lives in a medieval like world, and I have been reserching deaf history to base it off of that. Now, I had thought of making the character meet a person with magic powers who can just understand people, and thus making the two characters form a connection, but this might be a bit offensive I think?
I also have no idea how to get around making the character communicate with the others, but I thought that they know the sign language of this world, but this means that I would have to invent it since it’s a made up world, or I could just make her use her voice!
I want to clarify why I am writing this character: I am part of a marginalised group myself, and I know the pains of not having enough representation, and, as I have the power to make something for it, I want to create characters that are as diverse as possible. I know I cannot create a character that represents deaf people on the whole, but I would like to know what I can avoid doing and what I absolutely have to include to make it a good representation.
So really, what I’m asking is, if not advice received directly from you, to have some source materials (like movies, books, or articles) that I can use. Thank you!


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I know that I should write about what I know. But doing that I can only write about one kind of person, that faces only one kind of oppression, that has only one kind of experience. I don't see how that's representing reality, that's why I want to write about different people and different experiences. I posted here because I want to learn from real people, and I understand why you wouldn't want to educate me personally on the subject.

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