I hear dead people


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When I placed my hearing aid against my ear to check the whistle to make sure it was working, the whistle started to change into another sound. I kept listening and to my astonishment, I heard a female voice repeating my name over and over. The voice carried on, then it was obvious this person was becoming distressed like she was crying. I am a widower and though the voice didn't sound like my wife, I can't help thinking that it was.
I found this experience quite unnerving to say the least.
I tried answering but apparently this person couldn't hear me. I was shaking from head to foot.


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This is called Musical Ear Syndrome. I'd recommend the book by the late, great Dr. Oliver Sacks called Seeing Voices, about individuals who are deaf. He also wrote one called A Man Without Words, about a deaf Mexican Indian who never learned to communicate in any fashion.
But you can google Musical Ear Syndrome, a lot written about it. I myself hear what sounds like Tibetan monks humming a song, and it can get really distracting.


I've had clicking sounds with a hearing aid brand

Dear Nice forum readers,

I guess the proper Title to this thread would be "I heard dead people" because my hearing aid is in the shop. I am posting a new thread because I noticed a thread called "I hear the sun." When I first got my BP100 BAHA hearing aid, I thought I was imagining it. I really did. I am a musician, and I carry around a digital voice recorder with me often in case I get inspired. So I pressed the "record" button when I thought I was hearing something impossible through my BAHA sound processor. Guess what? It's not my imagination.

What I hear is real-time Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP. There are a multitude of different theories regarding exactly what this is, but it is verbal human speech audible only on recordings(and BP100s apparently). I now have many what is known in the paranormal community as "class A" EVP recordings. Here is a link to one of them:


It is a fact that the Cochlear BP100 is very sensitive to electromagnetic interference. It is in the manual. Rapidly fluctuating electromagnetic fields measured by a "Trifield" or "Gauss" meter are indicative of paranormal activity. The fascinating thing is, when my hearing aid malfunctions, it makes a Trifield meter go berserk. Here is a 47 second film I made about it:

[ame=[MEDIA=youtube]TmsBKuIGzw4[/MEDIA] - Malfunctioning Bone Anchored Hearing Aid[/ame]

Perhaps my BP100 is possessed. Ghost in the machine type thing..

I am not crazy, delusional, schizo, or have any sort of mental illness. I majored in Biology and Chemistry at the University of New Orleans, and am trained in the scientific method. My Trifield meter and my digital voice recorder always validate what I'm hearing with the BP100.

Anybody else have stuff like this happen?