Hurricane harvey


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That looks like an ocean not a highway ! I been watching it on the news and it's heartbreaking seeing so many people and pets homeless b/c of the hurricane . Stay safe.
Check the picture again and see a traffic signs on top, so you get idea. It is flooded highway in Houston.

I returned home today from volunteering Harvey victims. The town I volunteered was hit pretty hard, several places had up to 5 feet of water. I helped demo a couple of houses and pulled the wood flooring in another house. There was many great people working together, my dad is also Harvey survivor, and one of few lucky ones as his house only sustained 8 inches of water but it's still expensive repair. He was happy to see me and was proud that I volunteered. I'd volunteer again when I have a chance. :)
I'm glad that your father is alright and that was very nice of you to help the communities. Kudos to you. :)


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Natural disasters like hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters can cause severe damage and will need for years to come to fully recover. My sister believes in participating in the humanitarian mission, where one can spend their time and efforts to recover the loss and provide them the assistance. She also suggested to check this out to participate in such aid programs.


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I saw an ASL interpreter on the news and the woman was sitting down while interpreting , it was hard to see her hands to me . I always saw ASL interpreters standing up
never sitting down and this was for the a crisis . Shouldn't she had been standing up so people could see her better ?
It is because the govrnor is on wheelchair and she has to sit by him


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Today marks a year since I volunteered in Houston helping Harvey victims. To this day, there is still work to be done in several houses.. some people sold damaged homes, some still living in their home that still need repairs... a slow process for some people.