How to tell someone they are deaf.


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Hello, I hope you can help me because I am my wits end.

I have someone whos hearing has failed rapidly in the last 12 months.

This is causing a lot of grief, because this person is only hearing half a convestation if lucky.
It leads to arguements that are not necessary.

The sad thing is that the person inviolved, their personality is changing because of this partial heraring.
For example, if the speaker is not facing this person, and suddenly turns toward them, then away, they hear

"hmmmmmmmm make me sick,hmmmmmm ahole hmmmmmm go away.
When the sentence was " I hate politicians, they make me sick those aholes I wish they would all go away."

It is very frustrating for all concerned. I suppose this is very common problem, but how does one explain this to someone who is losing their hearing as a result of "Industrial deafness"?

Thanks in advance.


I suppose it depends on who they are, and their relationship to you. Is it a family member? Colleague? Friend? It also depends on their personality and how they respond to others getting all up in their business. There is no one good answer.

Now, in my case it was made pretty easy. After a year of accusing everyone of mumbling, they all (family, wife, friends, co-workers) just pretty much started saying (loudly), "Hey! You're $%$ing deaf! Get some %#@*&^$ hearing aids!" :doh:

And so I did. I realize that's not likely helpful in your situation, but there is no one size fits all solution.

BTW, when I got my first set of aids, they were CIC with that little plastic grabby thing sticking out. One of my colleagues thought it resembled a satellite dish, so they all started calling me Dish Network. I cut the little plastic things off, but the name remained. Twenty years later I still refer to my aids as "dishes."