How soon after surgery can I wash my hair?


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I did ask but I am scared to wash my hair lol.Did you put cotton wool inside your earhole to stop water getting in that way?


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When you say you did ask, does this mean you asked the doctor if it's safe and they said yes, but you're still scared and don't trust their opinion 100%?

Well in that case you can just get someone to wash your hair for you over a sink like they do in hair saloons. You'd get no water in your ears that way.


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Sorry if my post didnt make much sense,

I have been washing my hair with help from my hubby by doing it over the sink so that my wound doesn't get wet.The surgeon said it would be ok to wash my hair in the shower 2 weeks after surgery, well I have reached that milestone but am wary about putting my head under the shower.We have a high pressure shower & don't want to irritate the wound.I was just wanting to know when did every-one else go back to normal hair washing routine?


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You could use a sponge or a rag to cover the healing part while the rest of the hair is being washed.


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Can wash hairs but cant have water inside the ear. Have to put wax or cotton ball in the ear canals then wash your hairs. You can ask your husband to help you with that? :)

As for high pressure shower. I am not sure. It would be better to ask your doctor about that. I think cant have water in the ear canal for 6 weeks? I don't remember. Like i said Ask your doctor about that! :)


I was allowed to wash my hair and shower just 24 hours after surgery. We too have a high pressure shower system and it went fine for me. The only thing the doctor told me was not to SOAK the area. I think the high pressure system actually helps clear away dirt and grime from the incision area.

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I was allowed to wash my hair 48 hours after surgery (both times). Although it wasn't the easiest thing to do, I held a towel over the incision area to keep it dry and washed the rest of my hair without any problem. I also applied Neosporin on the incision every day to prevent infection from water, dirt, etc.

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I was able to wash my hair, with help, the next day from my surgery after removing the head wraps. I went back to a fully normal routine after removal of the covering from the ear area. Zero problems, just a funky bump on a shaved scalp weirdness.....


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Some other ideas....use a wet flannel to wash the hair around the incision area. This suggestion was in my surgeon's handout that I received.

What I did was to section off my hair with ponytail holders and then washed each section at a time under the shower. It made it easier and more organised.


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Dry Shampoo does help with the oil build-up if you have oily hair...I used it for years....Also, cotton balls swabbed with Vaseline will block the water out of your ears....I use that everytime I wash my hair.


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Just shampoo gently on CI area and wash it off slowly, it will be painful if you put hot water.


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I washed my hair after 48 hours. It wood have drove me crazy having to wait two weeks to wash my hair.
Me too!...(since I have oily hair), and wash it every 2 days. When I had my last surgery (last year), but not for the CI...was in the hospital over a week and was told I couldn't wash my itched and looked like a wet noodle!...and I felt "dirty"...I washed it anyway, being so careful with the bandages and got hell for it from the doctor...LOL...Wax earplugs and just cotton in ur ears won't do the job of keeping any water out...Swab the cotton ball with Vaseline before washing ur hair....I do it all the time and it works great for me.