How can i do closed captioning with face time


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Hearing on the phone is difficult to impossible. The closed caption services are ok in an emergency but they too seem to have difficulty understanding. When someone uses a cell phone it often says in auditable. It would be amazing if I could get closed captioning and face time together.
Does anyone have an idea how this could be done?


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I've not heard of anything like that as far as I know...there's auto captioning (like what you see on YouTube), there's speech to text apps (like AVA, Easy Talk Writer, among others) but I don't think I've ever seen an app like FaceTime or even Skype where the speaker's voice is captioned in real time. Skype does have the ability to have video and be able to text chat at the same time.

That would be an interesting problem to solve as a programmer/developer/coder but the bigger problem comes because speech to text detection is a huge hit or miss. I just tried Alexa (on Amazon's app) I think I said "Alexa, show apple laptops"... What it came up with was "Shower apple laptops" (WTF?). And there you have why I never use things like Alexa or OK Google.. or anything like it... lol. I THINK my voice is good but in reality it is probably slurred (for lack of a better word) and not clear at times.


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Skype has something called Skype Translator. It is their speech-to-text feature and is suppose to work with multiple languages. I have used it. It does do a surprisingly good job. It is a learning tool so each time it gets a little better. One issue is Skype uses a less common denominator approach to group calls so only those features available to all parties work. Translator is not available on Macs so if anyone on the call is joining on a Mac the captions are not available.

If you have Skype, you have to go into the Settings to enable Skype Translator and then for each person you want to have captions you have click the globe icon in their profile.


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To add to this-- I was just messing around with Hangouts- I did find you could type text while on a video call (just not 'auto captioning' of the other person's voice). I don't think you can with a voice only call though- didn't try to find out.