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I was making a point, referring that stupidity to the first post of this thread. I am not bashing, just stating my opinions. ;)


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Originally posted by SilenceGold
No you don't sound stupid..but you looked stupid. :p

Yes, I understand what you're saying..

That reminds me of when I was a kid..I used to sign out, "RAID" and then spray on myself everytime someone ugly touched me. :p

I was just a kid..a typical 5 yrs old. :p
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That was funny....kids! Kids can be hysterical to watch and they're VERY creative when they WANT to be! :)

I lived around gays and lesbians from the years of 1990 until now...although I'm living with my husband, I still do have some gay friends around here. I just have never been bothered by their sexual preferences because I used to be, at that point, confused on which direction I should be heading way back down the road before I decided to go straight and get married. :)
Sometimes when I'm in a weird or curious mood, I'd bombard my gay friends on how they enjoy sex, etc etc! Heheh...norti me! ;P
Of course, I'd ask first to make sure I'm not weirding them out.


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now ive noticed this thread has gone from homophobic to hetrophobic to justinphobic LOL -- granted yes i agree with Deaf258 it IS getting pretty stupid when ppl here come up with other terminologies that ends with "phobic"

and with that -- what i CAN do is just simply ignore the homophobes and live my life MY WAY and the homophobes can live their life THEIR WAY and sadly would be very small minded in life's lessons but thats IMHO their problem :fu: if the homophobes want to go thru life skeered of the gay, lesbian and bisexual community and we have no reason to be conversing with them in the first place i still say its their problem :mrgreen:

come to think of it -- Justin has once posted he DOESNT CARE if his daughter is a lesbian and would disown his son if hes gay -- what difference would it be if the daughter is a lesbian that would make her part of the gay/lesbian/bisexual community no matter how u want to put it Justin (thats an FYI) and i dont think the daughter would like finding out her dad would freak out if there are gay and lesbians in this world and who accepts his daughter but not her brother qq :roll: real hypocritical i must say and quite contradictory

edit: ive found the thread where hes posted on his own abt this issue and how he felt in ref to daughter/son

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from reading fly free's posting and i have to agree with her that justin is contradicting himself when it comes to acceptance, from my perspective of children coming out weather gay or lesbain i think IMHO we should love BOTH of them not just love one and disown the other cuz he's gay and shes a lesbain it sounds like ur favoring one child and rejecting the other thats not showing love for the child. U can say u accept the gay child but im sure u both would compromise that the gay child not bring thier relationship home to the house and would have to do the same for the lesbain child in fairness otherwise if u accepted ur daughter being a lesbain u would have to accept ur son as well as part of fairness.


First of all, I am dismayed about how this thread is turning out. A discussion about the usage of the word homophobia, then a joke about being heterophobia and then Justinphobia.

I was hoping that this thread would serve as a tool for the Gay and Lesbian people to learn not to instantly call straight people homophobics if the straight people don't give "right kind of comments." I am so fed up of gay and lesbian people crying "homophobes" and blowing things out of protportion. I am going to close this thread and put this under review to see whether if the other moderators think that this is going in the right direction or not. Sorry everyone.


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I think that homophobia usually applies to people who were raised in a close-minded environment. Some of those who were raised in a close-minded environment do manage to become more open themselves and not end up being homophobic. I'm one of those who have become more open-minded. I don't have a problem with homosexuality. However, I find it pitiful for people to be homophobic and take it out on those homosexuals.


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