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    Homeopathic Colleges normally accept dogs as patients (and there's a discount), for those who don't know that.

    And this is interesting:

    “Heidi” Dow was a 14 year old spayed female with a growth on her right eye that looked red and angry (local vet said “cancerous”.) It was attached to the third eyelid, covered ½ the eye. It bled easily when rubbed or even touched gently. It was very sensitive to touch, causing this nice dog to growl. There were 2 firm growths on Rt. paw and in the middle of the chest. The owner gave Thuja 200c in July when it was first noticed and there was no change. She repeated Thuja 200c in August to no avail. She then gave Thuja 1M (date? In Aug) and the next day the tumor was more swollen and was dripping blood. She has been deaf since1998. I prescribed Nitric acid 200c on September 8. From 9/14 to 9/18 had normal hearing. By 9/24 there was no blood and the tumor was smaller, though varied in size and shape, and she was back to normal energy and appetite. An LM potency of Nitric acid was given for the next 3 months, then a 10M Nitric acid. By April, she has been behaving like a young dog (Almost knocked the husband over which she has not done in years), woofing and pesky and pushy and sits and bounces up and down. Now doing 4 mile walks with running, leading and being adventuresome. The tumor is completely gone, there is no eye discharge, the ears are clear, there is no snoring and her appetite is fine.

    “Dudley” Derecola is a 15 year old neutered male Yorkie with kidney problems. In June of 2001 he had diarrhea and vomiting every 2 hours while at the same time drinking tons of water. The emergency hospital administered IV fluids and antibiotic shots. Blood values: were Creatinine 1.77, BUN 36.9, Phos 10.36. He was discharged on “senior” dog food. During the next few months he worsened: drinking tons of water, urinating very often, not eating, loss of 2 pounds, very incontinent during the night, eyes watery, shivering early a.m. and sometimes early p.m., good energy on dog walks, overall does not feel well, dark black lumpy mole under right arm. An initial prescription of Natrum muriaticum resolved the incontinence but nothing else. Bryonia, repeated when needed at increasing potencies, resolved all this dog’s problems. Tinkle Tonic (herbal) was used daily for the first few months, then discontinued. The owner switched to a fresh food diet, did not vaccinate and learned how to not worry so much. As of June 2002, he has been eating well, eyes are clear for the most part, mole is basically gone, drinking and urinating are normal, good energy every day, sleeps well, not restless, no tummy aches and his blood values are back to normal.

    The power of homeopathy lies in the potential to cure to this level. The “illness” resolves and most importantly, the animal feels better overall emotionally and physically. Most animals have an amelioration of symptoms and feel better overall and some animals have this deep cure. Some animals never respond to homeopathy or any other modality including conventional, some respond to one modality and not others. 95% of my clients are appreciative of the process even when their animals are worsening. My satisfaction level with this approach is very high. Though I still want to cure every case, I know that the gentle holistic approach is more satisfying to the owner, to me and to the animal.

    Warning: Any remedy, repeated too often, can cause an overall weakening of the animal, especially when the potencies are high (30c, 200c, 1M and above). Homeopathy is powerful, therefore must be used cautiously.

    Source: Homeopathy for Animals - Veterinary Homeopathy, Homeopathic Medicines for Pets, Dogs, Cats, Birds

    Below: Dr. Carol’s Naturally Healthy Pets Blog » The Head

    * Calendula makes an effective ear cleaning solution. Put one teaspoon of Calendula along with half a teaspoon of sea salt into one cup of water. Squirt the cleaner into each ear canal and massage for five to ten seconds. Use a cotton ball or piece of gauze to remove the debris.

    * Mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water also makes a good ear cleaning solution.

    * Commercially available diets are available that help reduce tartar formation and help prevent bad breath. A homemade diet using 20 percent meat and eggs, 60 percent fresh cooked vegetables, and 20 percent fresh chopped greens also promotes dental hygiene.

    * Use a toothpaste made for dogs. For fussy dogs, try using beef broth or chicken soup on the brush. For best results, start brushing as a puppy.

    Fragaria 6c given three times a month can decrease the rate at which bacteria accumulate in the mouth.
    (NOTE: Raw carrots and raw turkey necks help prevent plaque build-up.)

    Cherry Eye and Dry Eye in Dogs
    Dr. Carol’s Naturally Healthy Pets Blog » The Head
    * In addition to the upper and lower eyelids, dogs and cats have a third eyelid that originates from the inside corner of the eye, the area closest to the nose. This third eyelid acts like a windshield wiper and helps protect the eye. In addition, it contains a gland that produces 30 to 60 percent of the tear film. The tears keep the clear front part of the eye called the cornea lubricated. Cherry Eye is the term used when this gland prolapses or pops out from the third eyelid.

    Dogs with Cherry Eye are usually less than a year old. In addition to the redness and swelling, a clear or mucus discharge may also occur.

    DRY EYE (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca)
    * Tears supply the cornea with oxygen and nutrients; therefore they are essential to keep the cornea healthy. If the cornea is deprived of oxygen and food because of a lack of tear film, destructive changes occur quickly, leading to a condition called Dry Eye. The cornea can become pigmented, scarred, and ulcerated. Partial vision loss can also result. The eyes of dogs with Dry Eye burn and sting all the time just like ours do on a windy day. Diagnosis is made by a tear test that measures how many tears the eye produces in one minute. In this case, low levels of tear production are detected.

    * Dry Eye can result from surgical removal of the gland of the 3rd eyelid in Cherry Eye cases. Other causes include low circulating levels of thyroid hormone as can occur in Thyroid Disease, tear gland infections caused by the Canine Distemper Virus, and Immune System Diseases like Cancer.

    Zincum metallicum 30c, given twice daily, may be helpful in cases of Dry Eye, especially when the treatment is used in conjunction with topical eye lubricants like artificial tears.

    Conjunctivitis is the most common eye problem in dogs and is defined as an inflammation of the white membranes lining the inside of the eyelids. It leads to red, swollen, itchy, watery eyes. Being able to recognize the signs of an eye problem or injury are the best ways to prevent permanent eye damage and insure visual integrity.

    * Red eyes.
    * Mucousy or watery eye discharge.
    * Thick yellowish-green eye discharge.
    * Swollen eyes.
    * Pawing and/or rubbing eyes.

    1. Allergies are a major cause of conjunctivitis in dogs. Dogs overly sensitive to pollen, dust and mold often rub and paw at their eyes continuously.
    2. Bacteria commonly causes conjunctivitis along with a thick yellowish-green eye discharge.
    3. Unvaccinated puppies with distemper virus usually get conjunctivitis

    For red, itchy eyes, use raspberry leaf tea as an eyewash, or put a drop of cod liver oil in the affected eye three to four times a day. Two to three drops of raw cucumber juice applied 3 to 4 times a day also helps soothe irritated, red eyes.

    Mix one cup of Rosemary with ½ cup of Thyme. Add four cups of water and boil for 15 minutes. Strain and cool. Use a cotton ball soaked in the solution to bathe the eyes and clean secretions every four to six hours or as needed.

    And one vet assistant told me, that washing cool camomile tea over their eyes helps to clear them. (over their shut eyes, with a cloth)

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