Hitting a Deer


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A few days ago a friend was driving down this road, and he had two passengers with him. A deer darted across the road and he swerved to miss it. The truck went off the rolled off the road and rolled a couple times. Miraculously there were minor injuries.
Yeah, you get the message. Don't swerve. Just forge ahead. It could save lives.


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I remember last summer a solo female traveler from Oregon swerved off the cliff over a squirrel (near my home area) and she ended up stuck at the bottom of the ocean injured for 7 days and survived. A hiker found her and called emergency, she suffered a brain hemorrhage, four fractured ribs, broken collar bones, collapsed lung, ruptured blood vessels in both eyes. :ohno:

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My mother was in her 20s and swerved around a stray dog. She flipped her brand-new Volkswagen Bug a few times. She was stuck upside down by rough seat belt that wrapped around her neck for a while. She is in her 70s now and her old injuries came back to haunt her again. She wears a collar when she goes out. She told me if I see any animal on the road, don't swerve, press forward no matter what. I took her advice. In the dark, that damn possum walked across the road and I ran over it. I hate it but I had no choice.


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This is why I drive like an old lady when I am in mountains lol. Deers jump out of nowhere all the time.


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Well it's all depending on what type of deer...if it's Buck.... I wouldn't forge ahead. It happen to me one time coming come from work, and saw buck, I would say about 6 points, it's huge, was about to dart across the highway and I swerve to avoid it. If I forge ahead, I'm sure I will get pierced from the antlers.


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I've never hit a deer so far... fortunately there is no deer nearby on my route. I've seen deer in other parts of town but haven't encountered one near my home. If the deer jumps airborne and hits you... it could go through the windshield.. I've heard it happened before. It's not a pretty sight.