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First can I apologise in advance if I annoy anyone - I'm not here to ask loads of questions about what it's like to be deaf - I've been researching this for over a year and I had two deaf ladies helping me out, but I feel I need a bit of a broader forum to ask for help.

I'm a writer, currently writing a RomCom about a partially deaf girl, she has about 20% hearing - that's using the latest hearing aid. She's a lovely, feisty and wonderfully likeable character, probably the most loveable heroine I've ever created and the way she deals with the world is brilliant. However, there are some incidents related to her deafness where she is in a comic situation and the tricky bit for me is making sure the reader is laughing with her and not AT her, which is where I'd like your help. My two lovely advisers are, what can I say, older and perhaps past the days when a romantic encounter would fill them with butterflies and trepidation which is why i'd like input from some more contemporary input.

I know it's cheeky of me to turn up here and ask this so if you think I should just push off please say so and I will, I'm very aware that you get inundate with allsorts of weird school and college folk requesting surveys etc etc. I've been shadowing the forum for a while to see if I could get a feel for what I need to know but in order to write with some kind of accuracy I think the only thing I can do is ask for help. Sorry.