My story is a little odd. My dr and my school district wanted me to go to deaf school since late elementary school. my family refused. we have a number of deaf in my overall family. i really wanted to go but was given no choice. i tried on and off to learn ASL over many years starting back in elementary school. had a recent coma and my memory is pretty far gone. before the coma i was teaching asl 1 and 2 today i can hardly speak anything. im above the some of the free online classes im in atm but its below where i need to be before i see my neurologist late this month. (i have interpreters at my appts. been going on for years) i learned about a certificate of deafness thing for school i can use. they'll let me use it to both learn ASL for my benefit and something id want to use. like maybe computers. if i have the memory for it anymore. passing ASL considering extensive background shouldn't be a huge problem. i may even test out of asl 1. may not. depends how well my brain works that day. i wish my family did let me go to deaf school but the past is the past. i feel so alone. the only close thing in the deaf community to me is a church. i dont want to say anymore about the church atm. never felt like i belonged there and i could tell they seemed to agree overall except a few. one left to a far off church hard to get to by bus but would probably be more tolerable for me. not into extreme conservative churches. the lady that left was most likely my closest friend there.

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