Hi there! :)

Hello, I thought to introduce myself here as I am deaf and blind so I figure this may be a good place to start finding friends to have. As it proves to quite hard for me in the "normal" communities that I tried being a part of. Given down there I keep on being cyber bullied and slandered for actions.

I hope this place is better than that and that I will be able to make friends and do things with them.
Your welcome! What computer system do you use? I have an iMac with Zoomtext on it.
Linux Mint, offers some of Zoomtext's features without the ~$400/license price tag nor the heavy performance hit (at least on Windows systems). :)

Sure it "harder" to get it going but once it set properly you can pretty much let Linux Mint do it's things much of the time. The worst I had to do is to restart the panel on a very rare basis but it will tell you if you like to do that and it will just do that for you in about a moment or two. Then it will be all well again.

Not bad for sparing half a grand PER system right? :)
This one is pretty active though once in a while "Drama" flares up. That's normal in most groups and/or forums I've experiences over the better part of 2 decades <gulp>.
Of course I get the idea, however when death statements AND calling people for what they don't even have and so on. THEN the administrations and so on NOT attending to them PROPERLY? Yea then I take my things to go if that or similar happens.

As much there are toxic people there needs to be PROPER actions to prevent, contain, and control such situations. If not much is being done then why I am going to waste my time there if not possibly even money there right?
Holy crap! So far I've not seen drama get that serious (yet) and I've left groups due to super petty bickering so completely understand what you mean.
Tell me about it right? I was also in another forum and they accused me of doing "questionable" things even though...
1. I never did those things
2. I am assuming they are saying those things just because I do them differently than them given my conditions...

Absolutely makes no sense why we should has to put up with such. That is why I am so frustrated over this...
Hi Friendly Guy. I've not heard of a linx Mint. I've only moved to Mac very recently. I was using windows XP before and it kept not letting me go online.
Gotta love those endorsements from major corporations right?...

At least now that you know it exists you may be able to get into that and possibly even give it a spin on a old system. As there a live version you can use. So you don't need to waste installing it before having some time to "mess with it" first. :)

Should you actually be interested of installing it onto a system. I would first advise you to check into getting your BIOS/UFEI so you can ensure that your boot order is set properly.

Other than that I can advise you additional steps that I found on the internet to make sure you can get everything online like being able to properly play videos on Hulu, Amazon, and of course have Adobe Flash for sites that require that specific flash player.
Thanks for your advice but I don't watch video's. I'm profoundly deaf and my sight isn't really good enough to see subtitles on video's. I'm happy with what I've got.
You are always welcomed, just so you are aware there are text+images tutorials too. But I can indeed understand it could be difficult for you if you are not able to at least be able to see the whole images. As I personally used them to follow along with the text that they had for the steps and so on.

But as long as your happy with the new things you got now and you are aware of this alternative in case you need/want to make the change you should be able to with some else to help you at most. :)

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