Hi From Columbus, Ohio


Hi all...

I guess I'm the one who is trapped in the middle. I am deaf in my left ear and profoundly deaf in my right. I wear a H.A. and get by with hearing. Hearing people seem to dislike me because I can't always hear them and groups are not a good thing. Deaf people don't want to waste their time as they think I can hear.

I think I have it better than hearing people... I sleep very well... I prefer closed captioning on my tv than the noise.... The t-coil on my h.a. is great with my ipod. At home I prefer no h.a. I like the peace and quiet. I can read lips. I wish I could find someone who is gay...deaf and would like to spend time with me. Im not a bad looking guy. I'm far from a greek god though lol...

The only reason I worry about being without my H.A. is work. I am going to be downsized at the end of the year. Right now I work in an office environment. The economy is making it hard to find another similiar job. (sigh)....

Aside from that...Life is good. Would love to make new friends on here....



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Hello Chuck. Sorry to know about your job. I am sure you can make many friends here.



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Hi Chuck and Welcome!!

Southern Ohio here.

I am hearing, my husband - AD member ran256 is HOH w/HA's.

He feels the same about pulling out the HA's when he gets home.

Several Ohioans on here. Wish we could all get together for a Meet/Coffee Chat/ or Silent Dinner sometime.


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Hi chuck, welcome...I have a new hearing loss and hubby HoH w/bilalat. HA's <congenital - birth mother had Rubella>. He sleeps pretty well too...

sorry about job, hubby looking for work here -good luck to you!


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Hi, Chuck,
Welcome to AD. There's a huge Deaf community here in Columbus, and we have at least 2 Deaf social events every month; the ASL social on first Fridays in the Northeast (near New Albany) and Deaf Professional Happy Hour on the 3rd Fridays DPHH: Columbus, OH. Come join us sometime!