Hi Everyone! It has been awhile


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Hi everyone! I am still alive. Hah!

For whatever reason, my former username (Phi4sius) will not let me re-register or otherwise log in, and I can't seem to contact anyone about it, so I've had no choice but to create this one. I am currently going through an ear infection in my good ear (first one I have had since I have been an adult) and OMG does it hurt. Yesterday was the first day that I have had a pain-free good ear, so (sarcasm)yay(/sarcasm). It also doesn't help that my ear drops are causing muffled, underwater hearing in my good ear.

Unfortunately, along with my ear infection my hearing aids (Phonak NAIDA Q90 w/CROS unit) also crapped out. I know this because they started a massive downward spiral that wasn't in any way related to my hearing at the time. Which is probably to be expected because they are at the 3 year mark. So they are off for repair. I am looking for advice on potentially switching to a different set of aids. More on this later.

I hope everyone is doing well!


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Hello and welcome back! I used to come here as Dreama but I had the same problem getting in as you experienced so I am now Vegandreamer.

I had an ear infection in January. It didn't half hurt but it responded well to ear drops so I managed to get rid of it that way. The only delay was doctors are hard to get to during Christmas and the new year and I ended up having to go to a walk in centre which involved a long wait until I was seen to.

I can't advise you about hearing aids as I don't wear them any more.