Hi all! im new to this site....in need of asl gloss opinion/assistance


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Hi all! Im new to this site Iam hearing,but ever since i started my career(s) in the health care field i have always been interested in learning sign language as ive worked with both HOH & Deaf people. I finally decided to take ASL at my local community College. My teacher is hearing and for our final project she has assigned us to translate a song. Ive already reviewed quite a few controversial opinions of others regarding teachers giving out song interpreting. I must say I also agree that its not the best idea or way to learn ASL(especially if there are both hearing & deaf students as this wouldnt be a "fun" nor feasible assignment for a deaf person) Not to mention this is only ASL 1 and I feel learning more signs,proper grammatical rules, sentence syntax & glossing is soo much more beneficial and crucial for new learners to truly understand ASL. Never the less I have to complete the assignment which I already did and will be presenting to the class next week. However this is where I'd greatly appreciate some opinions/assistance on how to translate/convey a certain line in a song... the song is "Don't go breaking my heart" by Elton John... the line is "Ive got your heart in my sights" I was wondering how 'you guys' would convey this idiom? . In my gloss Im thinking of putting 'your heart in my thoughts' or maybe 'your heart I see everywhere'... Id appreciate any feedback at all. ThankU