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Hey everyone. I’m a signer new to Brooklyn just moved here looking to make friends in the community. Anybody know Brooklyn dead community hangouts?


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Old fokies homes...(some are still breathing tho;)....At Cheers!...(the Bar)...and again, some haven't had 10 more bottles on the wall yet...might have to drag them out.


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Hello and Welcome! Do you mean where Deaf people hang out. In England (where I'm from) there are deaf clubs. I don't know about other countries.


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Hello my name is Madeline, I was hit by a car car 9 years ago. The doctors thought I would never wake up from my 3 month coma but, I did. Relearning how to do everything from start to finish. When I fist woke up I was completely deaf and blind now, knowing some finger spelling I was able to communicate. I have one eye and one ear that works! Now I’m continuing my passion for sign language by learning how to sign songs and working on my communication skills in ASL!!!