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Hello everybody.... I'm new here.... thought it would introduce myself. My name is Chris and I been recently classified as "Profound Deaf". I been HOH all my life and my hearing recently been going down lately to the point where I can't hear anymore. BUT>>>>Thats ok! I may be losing my hearing, I'll be damn to mope around and whine about it. I'm a very active, I do alot of hiking around the country, still work as a Chef, and still raise my daughter single by myself! Yes.... I'm a bachelor (Never married) raising a little girl full time as a single parent! I'm already hitting 37 years old and still haven't slow down! So let Hollar Up that I'm here!



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:welcome: to Alldeaf forum. That is very rarely for Dads to raise their daughters all by themselves as a single parents. Usually most children always stay with the mothers, not the fathers. My son has three daughters. He took care of two daughters and the other one goes to stay with her mother. Now that My son is married for the second time, he has become a father again for another daughter. Now I have four granddaughters. :P

So how did that happen to have male becoming a father who don't know nothing about nurturing the children? :confused:

Very interesting introduction. I like that.

Enjoy reading and posting all the threads here. See you around here. :wave: