HEY GIRLS, Watch 100 YEARS of beauty in under 1 MINUTE!!


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but notice the face type, as 'fashionable' 1940s broader skulled women were deemed 'pretty' then 1910s thin with chubby gone real thin was 'nice' then 1960 it was tall women that got attention, then 1980s it was starved women again, then 1990s they getting healthier just abit....then 2010s it was 'too busy for the hair, but more time on the body tone' era....2010s more of the same but more time on the hair because market has provided more skilled hair cutters......


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Then you got Victoria Principal who thinks wrinkles a crime go around looking like not aged since 1970's.She use product called 'Reclaim' plus plastic surgeon as husband that helps


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One thing I noticed, no matter what decade or who was in the picture they all either plucked or waxed their eyebrows.