Hey gay guys and support GLBT community


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Hi my name michael i m looking for boyfriend deaf gay guys 18-25 yrs old male (top only) im alone no one like me cuz im autism and deaf i wanna seek love together and chat with me in my room and go out eat and have fun at dollywood and smoky mountain be happy together ill be short life dont know how long i hd brain damage from car wreck and police bruitity in past all my deaf friends knows they support me and cherish me for ever they hope i found boyfriend deaf guy in my future im 50 im bottom any one of you have deaf friends who young men deaf welcome my new friends add me facebook michael f craig ok tired alone all the times im not intresting into older over 25 my friends knows my way they dont mind i have two deaf lesbians they are my hest friends thry loves me lots chat with me on vp and text me everytime they check on me ok reason dont know how long ill be passed away but im fight back just postive my self since so like next day or week or month or years ill be stroke or heart attaack or brain dead no commcation into coma forever ill be ok just wanna my boyfriend take care my stuff and my benefits in the future i dont trust my family took it ky benefits or stuff my deaf friends dont like them cuz my family hate deaf that what my twin brother told me that i hate them just stay away my life for gooood i gave judge my promised in my legal in the future judge knows i have short life i hope i found boyfriends any of you have deaf friends gay let me know ok support my autism and deaf thanks so muchImageUploadedByAllDeaf1422181273.880177.jpg