Hey Birthday Girl!


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Awww. All the pictures of Koala's birthday look very cute and I like them all. Koala, enjoy your birthday and I am wishing you a very :birthday: I am very glad that you are going out to get a treat for your birthday lunch at the restaurant with your Deaf friends. Go, Girl!!!! Have fun. :D


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Oh Koala, Happy Birthday to you!

I am not so sure if I remember that you made some first few posts that you were not happy that no one replied you, but you realized that you were wrong about that. Most of us did reply you later because we were probably busy in that day. You probably posted a picture of you and your husband on a big boat in the ocean - Isn't that right? Well, again, Happy Birthday to you!


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hey Koala
happy birthday to you smile i hope you have good day smile

and it is my mother's birthday as well anyway