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Hello my name is ashley i am a mother of an 8 year old that has severe hearing loss we found out when she was 5! She has been having headaches everyday. I was curious if the reason was because she hasnt been wearing them . We are new too this and it all makes me cry

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Hmm, I may be able to help, but although I had the same symptoms as a child, the medical condition may be different. When my earaches got intolerable, my mom applied a topical anesthetic ear drops to my ear canals. It basically numbs the affected area, it does help but not meant to cure the underlying problem. Make sure to warm the bottle ina pot of hot (not boiling) water over the stove. Cold drops just made it worse for me. And make sure this is ok with her doctor, hope this helps.


Hmm.. maybe earmolds are irratating her ears? Try more softer ear molds? Or the sound levels of the hearing aids are too loud that might be causing her the headaches? I know if I had my hearing aids on too loud it would give me a headache. Or try different types/brands of hearing aids. I understand that the costs can prevent you from doing that though. Another thing is glasses. I had glasses about that age as I had a lot of headaches from trying to see the board.

And if there is no other health reasons such as an earache medical thing going on. Then maybe it's social? Is she in a mainstream school? Maybe she feels ashamed or embarrassed wearing them and the other kids are teasing her. I remember the feeling of getting teased by hearing kids. Being the only hard of hearing kid can be really tough in a whole classroom full of hearing kids. I didn't like that very much I was very comfortable in a smaller group of hard of hearing kids with lots of help. I hear that most days schools push for mainstream.

Ask her if she is enjoying school. Is she hearing the teachers okay? Understanding other kids? If she is not really enjoying it then it might be time to try a signing school either a Deaf school or other schools in your area. She might find that better.

Anyways just some ideas as I am a hard of hearing person who grew up wearing hearing aids all of my life. I'm used to them and they work out just fine. Yes, my ears get itchy, or get some pain and I have to leave one hearing aid out for a while, but later I need it to hear my favorite music or hear people talk clearly.

Other folks just have a harder time getting use to having something uncomfortable in their ears and find it annoying than helpful. Maybe they only hear very little and don't get very much enjoyment out of it. So it's all an indidvual choice.

Hope this helps and good luck! :) Remember this too shall pass.