Help on working sorenson videophone


I've applied online for sorenson mobile because the customer service line would not give me a representative no matter how long I waited(and sometimes ended the call unprompted) and now I'm a little confused on how it works. Will I have to wait for them to approve me? Or did I do something wrong? I wanted to be able to use it today because I'm expecting a call from my boyfriend.

Evo Dragon

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If you're hearing impaired, You can show them with sign language on videophone or facetime. They will approve you due to avoid fraud who's not hearing impaired customers.

I use Sprint IP on my iPhone 7 plus device. Same thing, They want to know if i'm hearing impaired and show them with sign language for proof. then, they approved me for relay service.


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Get captioncall. It’s a free home phone. You can use your voice to talk and they type everything back to you. I have one. They come and set it up for free. Just have your audiologist send in the paper work.

For cell I use InnoCaption+ and SprintIP relay. They can set and used right afterwards.