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Alldeaf, I'm 23, in WPB, FL.. I'm hearing but I think ASL is a beautiful language. I'm struggling to find a university that offer deaf studies, but i will be a teacher for deaf kids. Another thing I'm struggling to find, is deaf communities here in WPB. I want to get involved in deaf community because I want to learn everything there is about it. So, if anyone is in this area and know any place please let me know, I'd really appreciate it.:wave:


Hey, the only place I could find in Florida with a major in Deaf Studies is at the University of North Florida. I'm not sure how close that is to you. Here's the link http://https://www.unf.edu/cat/2010-2011/programsa42fad404a4c669ab6d336829c06baf0.html?id=15032407672

If you can't find a school that offers Deaf Studies you may want to look into one that has a major in Communicative Disorders. Some of them have special focuses in the area of Deaf Studies.

I also found this The Deaf Service Center around West Palm Beach, you may want to contact them to see the events going on in the Deaf Community Deaf Service Center of Palm Beach County - Home

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This is for the Palm Beach County Association of the Deaf. I am a member there. They have deaf socials on Tuesdays, all kinds of activities and a deaf church service on Sunday mornings.