Hello everybody!


Hello, guys. I hope I could meet some new friends here.
Hey! Welcome to MostlyDeaf, I'm always looking to meet new people, chat buddy is the best we could hope for though, I noticed that this is the Dating thread and you didn't happen to mention whether or not you a man or woman or alien or fey or elf or elemental or transvestite canine or genetically engineered intelligent animal and there's no pic to help with that categorizing. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally open to interspecies dating, but if that's not shared at the beginning and lacking a photo to help chances are the real one will never be shared.

So just someone to talk to now and then is the best we can hope for, maybe not even that now that I think of it, there's no age mentioned or on your profile either, that could kill even the chat possibility if you're a minor.

Crap I've gone and talked myself out of consideration, let's see, no mention of gender or species, no avatar, no age group... chances are bad. Of course, asking for a photo is hopeless at this point since any photo sent will likely be of someone or thing else and likely a minor if not a hairy overweight loser eating pizza and drinking his mom's beer while still living in her garage at the age of 30. Pizza sounds good though, I wonder what kind of pizza...

Have you tried MMORPGs? I heard they are great places to pretend to be someone else so you can get some sexting in. Can I say sexting here? what if a kid reads it, they could be permanantly damaged by reading that work and consider what it means, and then Googling it, the next thing you know their whole 6th-grade class will be sexting in history class and it will all be my fault..

damn, I'm lonely.