Hello all! Guy moving to Riverside, CA, looking for deaf friends



I have read some of the threads on this forum, and this seems like one of the best deaf/HH forums. There are a broad selection of topics to check into. I have known about it since last year, but have not had time to actually post until now.

I'll introduce myself. My name is Kyle. I have been completely deaf since losing my hearing to spinal meningitis at age 2... and I am 25 years old and moving to Riverside, CA on May 30-June 1, 2006.

Plus I'm also thinking about attending California State University in Northridge (CSUN) in Fall 2007.

I would love to meet some new deaf/HH/hearing friends when I move to Riverside, CA, this summer. I would prefer if they are near my age (20-30 years old). Just let me know if you're interested in meeting and becoming friends. I am a very athletic person who's into running and swimming and I enjoy going to deaf events.

I'm also searching for a male deaf/HH roommate in Riverside for the start of June 2006. I'm looking up apartment info right now, but if anyone needs or knows someone needing a deaf guy roommate, just let me know. I am also consulting with the Center Of Deafness--Inland Empire (CODIE) advocates about apt info and deaf/HH roommates.

For those of you from there who worry that communication in sign language may be a problem with me, don't worry. I can understand everything just fine (SEE, ASL, PSE, even the British alphabet)--I myself sign PSE.

I look forward to interacting on this forum as well! Just wanted to say hello to everyone here. Have a good day. :)



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hahaha, whats up dude? I know this guy. Lives pretty close to me and we hang out sometimes.

Have fun here, man.


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Hello there, Theseus and welcome to AD...

I am in the Riverside area and I know someone who has a brand new house and has a room to let and if your'e interested, PM me here with your contact information and I will inform this individual. He is clean-cut and isn't into drugs, etc. I believe you'd have the run of the house as well. He is 25-30 yrs old. You'd also be fairly close to freeways. So if that sounds ok to you, PM me and I'll arrange for you two to communicate.

Cousin Vinny

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Theseus said:
Plus I'm also thinking about attending California State University in Northridge (CSUN) in Fall 2007.
That would be a bad move if you're planning on living in Riverside. CSUN is like 80+ miles away. It'll be one heck of a commute, that's for sure.
I am also consulting with the Center Of Deafness--Inland Empire (CODIE) advocates about apt info and deaf/HH roommates.
Wise pick there, buddy! Hopefully CODIE will have some info soon. At any rate, I wish you the very best in living in Riverside. It's a great city and is friendly towards Deaf people. Having the Deaf school located there sure helps matters a lot!


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I am not terribly far from Riverside. There is huge deaf school out ther so I am sure th community is big. Check www.ohsoez.com for local events...

And it goes without saying you are always welcome at my church in Brea.

Welcome to the area. (I am hearing.)


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Hello and welcome to Alldeaf Theseus! Whatever you do pursue, whether it's at CSUN or anywhere else, I'm confident that you'll find your path and succeed, wishes you all the best as you embark on your journey and hoping you'll enjoy your stay here in AD as well! ;)

Have a great day also!


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:wave: :welcome: to Alldeaf Theseus!!! I hope you will enjoy your stay on this forum, and make many new friends!! Everyone is wonderful on AD. Have fun posting, and welcome aboard!! ;)


Hello, some great responses here!

Hooster- I have a basketball game tonight..it's too bad my church has those stupid rules about participation (have to attend church 3x/mo. for 3 mo. to be part of the team). Otherwise, you could come over and play. But have fun here too.

Tousi- That sounds like an opportunity. I will want to talk to your friend first about this to get to know him better as well. Keep an eye out for my PM later on..

Eyeth- A 80-mile commute wears me out just thinking about it. But that is not what I had in mind. I will discuss it more later because I have to leave really soon.

MorriganTait- I checked out the website url. Looks good. Also, maybe I could go sometimes. It depends how busy I get when I move there.

I think this is such an interesting forum. :gpost: everyone!


Someone told me that Riverside was probably cheaper than Northridge, and I've talked to 10 people in real life who either used to reside in or visited Riverside before. All of them told me really wonderful things about the city of Riverside.
I'm sure Northridge has a lot of deaf people too. I was not sure about the cost, but maybe some of you would know the difference in costs of living in both cities?
Many people have told me about how deaf-friendly Riverside is so I thought it would be a good starting place to meet deaf people. I want to expand horizons and get to know as many deaf people as possible.
Even so, I plan to move to Northridge one year later after I get my in-state residency. This will mean in-state tuition at CSUN. I did it before for another school (waited one year, got in-state) so I feel the case shouldn't be different for CSUN.
Commuting 80 miles to Northridge everyday sounds like no fun to me but that's not what I had in mind. Just wanted to clarify that I was planning to move after one year of living in Riverside.
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