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jesse l naumann

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Hello all I finished college in RIT and I loved it. It was an almost perfect fusion of both deaf and hearing cultures into one college setting where understanding was not lacking, however I moved back to my hometown in Tulsa around end of july/ beginning of Aug. I been in Rochester since 2007 and came here around 2016. I discovered that although my hometown has gone through many changes it hasn't made changes where it mattered most which is the focus on the deaf community. Although TSHA in Tulsa has done it best throughout the years to educate the hearing peeps throughout the years some progress was made if anything I believe that progress is very slow.... I wish that progress would go at a faster pace. I suppose my rant in this forum is mainly about my feelings about my hometown I wish that Tulsa was more like Rochester, Houston, Washington where there are more concentration of deaf people and those locations are DEAF FRIENDLY. I do understand that I could move to those places at any given time. I already have a family here a fiancée and a son. Also my grandparents could pass away at any moment and my mother struggles with finances in part due to rash decision making and poor financial skills and in part by alcoholism. So hopefully this forum would give me more of the positive energy I am looking for in a deaf community to build each other up. Sorry for the rant you guys I think way to much due to my ADHD.


You shouldn't have to move to find a deaf friendly location. Is it possible for you to start a group of your own? Maybe you could use Facebook to connect with other people in your area. With even a little people power, you and the group could use some of your experiences from college to start making improvements to Tulsa.

jesse l naumann

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lady zephyr I wish that was the case but tulsa is small and it deaf community is small and at times jaded and fading to an extent. which is why deafness in tulsa is being avocated wonderfully by TSHA to educate the hearing community here. The problem is tulsa or more likely oklahoma as a whole is about 10 years behind compared to many other states.

Nita Thomas

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Surely there are groups that meet somewhere in Tulsa. In my old hometown, through the local school, I found that there was a regular group meet in one of the schools after school hours. That provided a nice way to meet more people in the deaf and HoH community which in turn allows for more changes to be made.