Hearing And Wanting To Learn More


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My name is Elyza

I want to learn to sign fluently. I met a girl i worked with who is deaf, she assisted me in learning. It was a great experience getting to the point where i could be actually hold a conversation. I still need to learn alot.

I think i want to go back to college to become an interpreter. I have a while before i will start school. Looking for someone who is interested in teaching?


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Hey Elyza! welcome to AD ... this is a great place to chat with people about ASL and Deafness :)

I think some folks here would be glad to help with teaching a bit! Have you also used http://www.lifeprint.com ?
Hi Elyza! Welcome! I'm also hearing and in school to become an interpreter! Not sure if I would be any assistance in teaching (just starting my program), but I have tried to self teach myself some over the years and know a little ASL. I'd be happy to chat with you so we can both share what we know, and I can tell you about my program if you're still looking for a program. :) Send me a message if you'd like!