Hearing Aids

jesse l naumann

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Well I feel that having hearing aids help to a degree and there are some pros and cons about them.
  • Hearing Aids are like our versions of glasses.
  • Hearing aids are far more expensive than glasses, but worth it if you really need it.
  • Sometimes they can be amazing devices to use to "help" us navigate in the hearing world.
  • Often times it does help to an extent in terms of accessibility to lessen confused looked from hearing people.
  • Hearing aids are a pain in the but to keep track of.
  • Hearing people sometimes do not understand how you can function without them if you go a day, week, or month without wearing them.
  • Sometimes it would be nice if the hearing community could wear "Deaf Hearing Aids" to walk in our shoes for a change.
  • Sometimes some noises that we never heard before become an annoyance in an instant to us.
  • Deaf people sometimes see these devices as being hearing minded along with CI and debate among themselves towards being DEAF POWER VS Hearing minded.
  • Sometimes having hearing aids doesn't help and automatically make hearing people think we are automatically hearing.
I personal don't care about hearing aids or CI although I do use them from time to time because it is a requirement by my job. Doesn't mean that I like them. I love being without my hearing aids. Deaf people can do the same thing that hearing people can do other than "HEAR" but we hear with our eyes, our bodies and our various other senses that we use to the max.

Nita Thomas

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Good valid points.

Is it really necessary to match the rest of the world or can be be our own unique person? When searching for work, not hearing might cause potential employers to reject you and not even give you a chance to prove you can do the job! Bias exist. So we are between a rock and a hard place. What works for one person may not work well for another. Is my normal wrong? Why is it wrong when it is perfectly normal for me?

Not all hearing loss will enable a person to get disability -- I have been denied because I have worked. What a double edged sword that is... yeah I worked, but I never earned as much as the hearing person that did the same job earned.


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the issue is the hearie worlds discrimination.
not deaf and Deaf "lack" of hearing.

very very very few jobs Deaf cannot do.

we can do everything majority hearie can.

its not our "lacking" that's the issue. this is a an ideological framework to justify discrimination by a majority (in our case hearie), upon a minority. us Deaf.
audism is so rampant and even in my eyes and experience growing in hearie society its important for us to be more visible in challenging its tenants and assumptions,
which in turn empower their march of forced and or coerced assimilation of us (in the case of our babies forced, in the case of parents coerced re ci, ),

we can do any Job a hearie can really.

ive experienced this discrimination in my life,
as almost every Deaf has..

the issue is hearie worlds discrimination.
not deaf or Deaf "lack" of hearing