Hearing Aids too powerful?

Hi I got new hearing aids about 2 years ago and when I recently had a test for vocabulary understanding without the aids, it was way down. Has anyone experienced this? I have a high frequency deafness and the aids were purchased through a vocational rehab program since I work. I have since discontinued the audiologist because she simply did not listen to me when I told her what kind of ear molds I wanted. I wound up paying for my own at a nice high cost. I wanted air holes in the molds and the soft molds were not comfortable for me. My aids are over the ear ones. I have used hearing aids for quite a few decades now.


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Are the HAs digital? They might need programming adjustments if it’s affecting your comprehension. Listening to vocabulary at the wrong frequencies isn’t good because then it doesn’t sound right, and your brain tries to make incorrect adjustments. While it is nice that VR will foot the bill for new HAs, they won’t necessarily get you the most optimal ones for you. What falls in their budget.

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