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Hi. I'm new to this but was hoping some one on here could help me? I have an 8 year old son who has a CI (MED EL) and HA. His brother and sister both have head phones for their tablets and I'm trying to find out what, if any would be the best for him? I've tried Google and I've also asked his teachers but I haven't had much luck in a way of an actual answer.
Absolutely any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated by me and by Lennon, who desperately wants to be able to do the same things as his brother and sister x


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I use DAI cords - Direct audio input. I don't know if that's possible with the CI though or if there is a way to connect the DAI cord to a CI. with hearing aids, you'd need an FM boot to be able to use it then connect to the device.


If you scroll down a bit there are sections for CI and BAHA needs and for Hearing aids. Try contacting them and see if they can assist with your situation or not. The products are somewhat expensive but you can declare exemption from the VAT (I did for my last pair). Well worth it- I use mine all the time between my iPad, Android phone, PC and Z70 VP phone lol.

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Her son’s audiologist would be a better source of information to determine the best way to connect him to a device. But since I use an Advanced Bionics CI myself, I can assist her with a few ideas.

First you need to know what has already been provided when your son received his CI. If not known, then determine if his processor is an older or current (audio induction loop enabled) processors.

The older model usually is connected by a direct link cable from the processor to the music playing device with a 3.5 mm plug.

The newer sort uses a neckloop device that can either be connected by a 3.5 mm x2 extension cord to the neckloop device and music player, or wirelessly by bluetooth.

Keep in mind you have two ways to control volume, on your son’s CI processor and on the music device. Usually I adjust the music device like a pre-amp, or strength of the signal. I keep that half to 2/3 of the way depending on how strong I want the beat to sound. Then I use the CI processor volume as the main volume source.

This info is just a general guide based on my experience, but again, your son’s audiologist is a better source to provide the necessary equipment and instruction for its use. Hope this helps! :)
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I have a similar set up a CI in one ear and a hearing aid in the other. I too haven't solved this problem to my satisfaction. I have done it with a loop system but it just seems like too much electronics. I used to use a direct link with just my CI. Now I use just regular headphones and plug them into my phone computer or whatever. I guess this works best. The headphones have a good bit of padding to block our sound. I wear them slightly high so they cover the mic.

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It won't help our OP but I have read of people with Advanced Bionics CIs and using AB's Tmic can simply use headphones the same way that a hearing person would = by placing them over the ears.

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