Head/CI Magnet pains


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I’ve had my cochlear implant since I was 1 year old- about 20 years now. My magnet, or the area around it, has been causing me some pain lately. Since it’s been hurting a bit tonight, I thought I’d make a post about it to see if any other long-term wearers have dealt with the same thing. I’m also worried that I actually have few pieces of my magnet left in my head, that it’s either slowly broken up in few pieces or something since I have a hard time feeling a whole piece. I’m considering making a call first thing in the morning to my audiologist’s office and seeing if they can fit me in sometime soon to assess the situation properly.


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From my personal experience, my best friend had to get her ears amputated. The magnet was resonating too much fluids into her brain. This is serious. Go get it checked. Research on cochlear implants, because usually once it hurts- it gets severally bad. and I would never wish it on my kids.


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Going to need an xray to find out what is going on with the magnet. Meantime place 3 plies of paper towel cut in 1 inch square between CI and skin.