having wife to interpret for me?


--reasonable commendations - case by case bases---???

Here is my case. I go to a senior center but never do well with hearing others (profound hearing loss - rather use, "deaf") and staff that makes announcements and answer questions. One day-a staff told me it was mandatory to come to one meeting, more like a seminar. I did go but I sort of think a staff shouldn't have used the word mandatory. I think she said that as a shortcut to do her job. But for other things, in long term, I believe my wife might qualify to be my ears, like telling what is said . that seems a reasonable commendation in my case. it's free!! for me and them. my wife doesn't have certifications for anything. just my ears for me and she does it well. she is under the age limit to go to the senior center like 5 years too young. Do you think theres a possibility that this center might be reasonably be required to let my wife join me in this case? And what are the requirements regarding the center providing lunch to the interpreter at a lunch settings?


I can't imagine why anyone would have a problem with this. I admit that I'm a bit unclear what these mandatory meeting/seminars are all about and why you'd be required to attend such a thing, but regardless I don't see why the center should object to your wife accompanying you, regardless of her age. Is there some sort of secret, oldster info exchanged that they're afraid will fall into the wrong (non-oldster) hands?

As far as providing lunch, well that's certainly up to them in this case. But simply attending as an aide to you seems a non-issue, to me.