Have You Went To Psych Ward Before?


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I did on Tuesday and it wasn't fun at all. I stayed in psych ward for 24 hours and my psychiatrist agreed to discharge me after communication barrier, no special diet and a lot of glare. The incident started when my father got angry and punched on my arm so I became upset, depressed, bad flashbacks and suicidal thoughts, so I got end up in emergency room before transferred to psych ward in same hospital. I thought about want separate from my father for several hours but my psychiatrist wanted me to stay in psych ward until I can see him in next day (Wednesday afternoon).

The psych ward is just like jail that where you have no freedom, no belt, no shoe lace, strict schedule, automatic sink; toilet and shower with one button, lousy food (hospital food), limited snacks, no cellphone, no computer, limited TV programming (violent shows aren't allowed), tech come in room to wake up 3 times to check vitals, limited phone hours. That's not fun at all.

I'm glad that I got out and it is worst idea to stay if I need separate from my family for while. I chatted with some patients as well and many of them hate hospital stays. I didn't have roommate until 3 am when they carried extremely anxious man to bed, but I saw him got very agitated when therapist came in and turned light on, also therapist told me to come so I told her that I can't hear so need write notes, but she refused.

The ward has different levels - I was on Level 7 that where patients are sad, friendly, quietly, but Level 3 and 4 for more aggressive and angry patients. Level 1 and 2 for very dangerous patients that need locked up.

The communication barrier is no fun!!!


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I have been in psychiatric hospital 7 times for more than 2 weeks. The longest was one month. Hospital stay sucks! I hate that I have to push button every 3 minutes for shower. Food is not bad. Staff let me wake up any time in the morning and lets me use my cellphone. I hate that hospital is cold. I didn't know about the levels. I wish you have a place to go to when you want to be away from your father.


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I'm sorry it was so difficult. That is no fun at all. Maybe next time consider a hotel room or something if you feel like you need to get away from your father. As long as you are not a danger to yourself. Take care.


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Feel better, Foxrac...many people are sent to the psych ward for a number of reasons. and also, remember...some people will make up bogus stories and have someone committed....Little bit TMI for me to say more...
I'm an old man now but had a lazy, cowardly, abusive, SOB of a father. I forgave him daily for many years. Then, he raised a cane to my mother when he was 84 years old. I guess some things never change.

Are you a minor? If not, you should really find a way out. The military was my way out but I left the house when I was 17. Enlisted at 18.

If you are a minor perhaps your only resource is the government. And, they'll treat you like a slab of meat, IMHO. Evidenced by SilverRoxy as well. Although I hasten to add I've never been in your shoes.

You might also try and get involved with a church. Many have interpreters for the deaf. And, they can also council you and your family. Most without being "preachy".

Hang in there. I wish you well.


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I went psychology test last March and I got passed test for my surgery I never stay at psychology ward but I went there at office and test with interpreted asked me questions on papers I'm fill out papers..they next day I got counselor also asked me my personal life answer and questions and I had hard times thru my dad's death,my parent's divorces and lots of mores it's so private on my life..

Psycho ward is like jail!!


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