Happy thanksgiving 2017


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Happy Turkey Day....Not having to cook much this year is a big plus for me...Going over to my Son's house, they smoked a Turkey. I'm gonna bring potato salad, cabbage w/Ham and Fruit/Walnut salad...maybe a Pumpkin Pie.


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I’m going to my grandma’s house for thanksgiving what my thankful for?!?

Thankful for thanksgiving 2017




4.upcoming my cousin Ashley’s new brand baby in December I’m exciting

5.three beagles girls and one half beagles and bassinet boy

6.lose more weight since my surgery last January my vows to eat healthier food on holidays including Christmas!!!! But I’m on post surgery last January 9 i need eat good food but pumpkin pie would be okay for me after my surgery!!

7.no political conversation since president Donald Trump was took oath last January I don’t wanted to heard that!

8.My stepbrother get better after his transplant surgery but he still on his recovery 100%

9.my stepsister have bladder cancer and she get chemo but still fighting of cancer but get rid of her cancer I’m been praying for her get remission to rid from her cancer.

10.My step niece get engagement but she and her fiancé haven’t date for wedding I’m really exciting for her wedding upcoming..


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I hadn’t post here very much, but... Happy Thanksgivings to y’all and stay safe.

I missed homemade foods for thanksgivings after many of my families passed away in 2000s and 2010s, so thanksgiving dinner will be at restaurant so I’m not happy about it.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As for my dad when he found out me and my sis are cooking...

Thanks dad!!! :razz:


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Just finished Thanksgiving dinner... so stuffed. So good foods! Waiting for dessert later on. :)


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A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all.
As "they" say, it's better to urp a burp and bear the shame than squelch a belch and die in pain. Hah.