Haircut? (ftm pre-everything)

So I should be getting a haircut, at this rate anything that would help me pass is what I'm going for, but I don't know my face shape and don't know what haircut would suit my face and bring out some slight masculine or androgynous features. Can anyone help with ideas for a haircut? 20180211_162720_HDR.jpg download_20171011_213326.jpg

femme Fatale

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Hmm, you have a round face, you do have the general idea. I think you’d look great if you add layered bangs and long curls along your hair’s lower length.


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I'd be no help lol.

FF I think has the right idea though.. maybe just a bit shorter in the back. Your bangs/front already look awesome (and I'm jealous lol- mine is mostly gone on top...)