Greetings from New England !


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Hi, my name is Deanna from Canada but living in New England. I am profoundly deaf and came from hearing family. Every family member & relative is hearing. I became deaf after childhood illness (frequent ear infections and high fever) I was confirmed deaf by the doctor when I was 2.5 yrs old (late !!) and caught up ASL that my mom had to take ASL classes and taught me language before I went to deaf school. I came to Gallaudet Univ in DC and graduated there and moved to MA for my job where I have been living since.

I just signed up into to keep up with deaf community all over the world. Hopefully we get in touch with each other with similar commons.

Look forward to meet some of you !!


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how long have you been in MASS? i am currently in Nantucket. I am hearing, but Im looking to pactice if you are ever in the Hyiness area.

my name is Grace, I have been singing for many years, and taking classes at the university of Maine.