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Glide allows users to record a video message and send it to one or more recipients in the same way that text-messaging apps work. It is not a two-way, live video-chat app offered by the likes of Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s FaceTime and Google’s Hangouts.
WhatsApp also enables users to send short video clips, and so do Snapchat, Qik by Skype and Facebook’s Slingshot. Another asynchronous video-messaging app is offered by Israel-based

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I went to download it on my tablet, and it asked for a cell phone number. I don't have a cell phone. But I downloaded Skype and so far it hasn't asked me to use a phone number. Just a persons ID.


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So, i just got the glide app, it looks really cool and easy to use. And I've also been on there youtube channel. I found that they're really supprtive of asl, cc, ect. Whats really cool is that my friend who is hoh also has it. Thus is really cool. Thank you universe for leading me here!!


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Glide is MAD AWESOME to use!

just perfect. problem is... im too slow to reply it back, aye, im terrible.


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I use Glide but I forgot my glide ID but I will post it later.. ;) I'm not like to chat with I don't know expect Alex. ;) I knew him longer online proabbly since I was 19 lol but geez next week I'm turning 37.. :shock: anyway.. have fun on glide.. :)