Giving a (deaf) dog a name sign?


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Hello everyone, I've been lurking around here off and on for quite a while but never made a post. I'm hearing but have a genetic condition that causes progressive hearing loss. Anyway, I live in the middle of nowhere and haven't found a Deaf community or even any other Deaf people to hang out with so am mostly learning ASL on my own. Unfortunately, that means I don't have anyone who I can ask this question.

I'm in the process of adopting a dog who happens to be deaf and plan to use ASL to train him (I'm a dog trainer). I'd like to have a sign name I can use for him as well as my other two (hearing) dogs. This would be used the way I use my other dog's names, primarily to refer to them when asking different dogs to do different things (ie. telling one dog to wait at the door while letting another one go out, I would say, "Luie wait, Maigee out").

I know that a hearing person shouldn't ever give themselves a name sign and I didn't know if it would be frowned upon if I gave my dogs name signs?


Hi, I was just browsing the forums and came across your post. I don't have any experience other than my 3 hearing dogs, so I can't give an opinion. I did watch a you tube video not too long ago about someone who had trained their deaf dog with sign language and it was interesting. Maybe you can search there and find his channel ?