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Originally posted by javapride
EVERYONE should have a rainbow in thier home here in hawaii we say NO rain NO rainbow but we always have that so i don t have to worry abt not having a rainbow! :) its fun!
Yes I enjoy having my own rainbow!!!!


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I know what you are trying to say Xero, but I disagree with you. The word ****** is a word of abuse. It is another word that white culture uses to put down Black People or People of Colour. For a white person to call a person of Colour a ****** is bad behaviour. It does not matter what the context is. You are white and the other person is "black". It is like you are reminding them that they are not equal to you..I know you don't mean that..but that's how some people would feel it.

I don't like my straight friends calling me Poof, Queer, gay or faggot..I just don't. They are straight. But my gay friends, yep. It's fine. because the word does not have the same power. When a gay person calls me Poof, they are not saying you are not equal to me.

I know from Australian culture [yep me Aussie] to be Black or a Person of colour is to be low in status... you know somehtign else, when my parents first came to Australia--they are Arabs -- they used to get called WOGS. My mother even told me, how our next door neighbours used to call ME, yes ME, Black Boy..and I'm not Black! But if you leave me in the sun too long......

The same with women who don't like being called bitch! The word bitch th meaning of someone being like a dog, so by calling a woman a bitch you are saying she is a dog? Even I don't do that>

Even today, in this day and age, I still don't like Australian Whites calling me Wog. Another Arab or Ethnic person, that's fine, but from an Australian White is a NO NO.

Xero, words do have power. Power to hurt. It would be wise to be aware of this.. if someone is a bastard call them a bastard but don't call them black bastard or ethnic bastard or...then there is a problem with the word bastard...............


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TygersaidStfu said:
well I ain't offended by that. but most of those black american felt that N word is part of our cultures in those history. It started when we were slaves and The supermacist treated us the shit..and said that we are stupid, and we can't do anything like white people can. so It kind of affected on us.. so WE have to prove that we are capable to doing things as white ppl.. .. so that is why we are trying to drop n word to Black or African American because it sound proper to us. so it shows respect to us. u know!!
I've always disagreed about those labels. It's so demeaning and degrading. I once had an African-American boyfriend who was really nice and wanted to spoil me for all what was worth of me, but I refrained him from doing that because I didn't want to be lavished with that attention, anyway...using the N----- word other than Negro isn't a very nice one because it was always made out to sound mean and insulting.
It's not only focused on the colour, race people also covers people who are not of the media's image like overweight people. I'm not exactly thin, but I endured taunts and insults all my life -- being called a fatso and the sorts. That was very hurtful.
That's why I don't like those types of labels. It's so degrading and humilating.

Well, enough about that...and sorry if I have gone off-topic.

**steps off the soapbox**