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You just hit the jackpot of Jonathan ordered the pizza with making the call and Garfield was signing or gestured to make sign language. That is cool. :cool2:

I have noticed some of the natives at the Powwow gatherings that they show off their Garfield emblems or a round roset (not sure of the spelling but it is like a round beaded emblems with beaded string around the neck as a necklace). They love Garfield like crazy. Me, too. I don't have the emblem like they do. LOL It is only a comic strip and they are wonderful with funny comments. I enjoyed them a lot. But this comic strip with sign language, that is the best comic strip and it related to us, Deafies. **thumb up**


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One of my favorite cartoon characters of all time! Ironically, I live in a town named Garfield. :giggle: