Gallaudet Homecoming Moves Off Campus

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    Protesting students at Gallaudet University celebrated their school's homecoming despite moves by the school's administration to postpone the events.

    With thousands of alumni in town, but the campus still blocked by students demanding the resignation of incoming president Jane Fernandes, school officials moved some events off campus. The homecoming football game was moved to the Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick and the soccer game was played at a northern Virginia park. Protesting students held their own version of the homecoming dance at a downtown sports bar.

    The festivities came after hundreds of protesters marched to Capitol Hill. Faculty and alumni joined the march from the Northeast Washington campus to the steps of Congress for a morning rally.

    Three members of the university's board of trustees are members of Congress, and federal funds make up a substantial portion of the annual budget for the nation's only liberal arts school for the deaf.
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    Wow! that sound like a big march! I wish i was there to see it! dang!

    Now I wonder what next step? what will happen next? I dont know...

    Fernandes need to step down!

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