Future business?


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Hi, I am a hearing high school student, I am looking into colleges but not quite sure what ones to look into because I'm not sure exactly what I want to go for. I ideally would like to create my own business for the deaf and hearing but not sure what to do after that. I have a few questions for the HOH and Deaf,

* If there was any business out there that could do anything for the Deaf/HOH community what would you like it to do?

* What do you want that you don't have already?

* Is there anything that you feel is unfair? EX: In Hospitals they have lots of nurses but not a lot that sign.

Thank you!


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An app like Uber that connects interpreters with deaf clients/patients, if one doesn't exist. It doesn't have to be ASL only, it could be multiple languages. This could solve the hospital problem where a deaf patient has to wait a while for a sign language interpreter to show up.
I also complain to my brewery supply website that if they can hire people to cover the phones, they can do the same for chat feature. Supposedly he took it under advisement