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If You Know What I Mean
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here's a full clip -

[ame=]Seven Person Boat Crash 2012 - YouTube[/ame]


If You Know What I Mean
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[ame=]Steering wheel comes off drag car during sprint - YouTube[/ame]

Frisky Feline

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dammit. no wardrobe malfunction :mad2:
My brother loved going to the beach.. I woudnt be surprised that he came there to see lots of ladies with bathsuit that were off by the ocean waves or kids grabbing the top bathsuit. :lol: if my brother reads my post he will say to me, "not true!!!" welll lol :giggle:


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They had no clue the bear was right there until at the end when the bear brushed against his leg, he thought it was a dog and when he realized it was a bear, he ran inside.


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My forever favorite

[ame=]kangaroo kicks kid into river - YouTube[/ame]

just look at the kangaroo best positioning itself,
the man oblivious to everything,
admiring the view in innocence,
while the evil :twisted: lurks behind