FTB Minecraft (Modded Minecraft)


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Hello, My name is Ken. I am a "gamer" I try to be good one but mostly im lousy. but when it comes to FTB Minecraft, I would be good at it.
FTB stands for Feed The Beast. They provide modpacks, they got their own launcher where you can click on a modpack, it will download all the mods needed to play the modpack. Yeah, you can play online on a server with other players.

There is a Facebook page for players for Deaf Modded Minecraft Servers
to play their server, you gotta to be whitelisted (join the facebook page to be whitelisted)

They are currently hosting two server:
Enigmatica 2 Expert
Infinity Evolved Expert

There is currently no Discord server but I made a new one: https://discord.gg/k6PHghD