from pay as you go to contract


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hi, ive always been with pay as you go with three network, and I have had my phone around 2 years ish now. I was thinking of getting a new phone at some stage and where the contract say free phone and pay so much a month, it sounds ideal yeah. but is there any little catch somewhere with this? I remember a friend going over her call limit quite a few years back and having to pay well over a £100 extrange charge for over used time. I can imagine these days they would warn you or there would be some sort of block, especially for Internet data yeah if you like youtube which drains on data quite fast. I just wanted to see if the contract thing is safe, as I would like to get new phone and hopefully save abit of money.


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Here what I would do instead if your looking for a dedicated line. Just pay for the phone in all in one lump or even get a vendor "neutral" device and just pay monthly for the actual line.