Friday - What are you doing that day?


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I have spare shirt. :naughty: I can do double identify while on booth. Maybe we can party after the event is over? We might be going out to watch boxing between Cotto and Clottey.
Shall see about it - depend with my buddy. I believe she work with you, also.


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Ohh..come onnnnnn. There will be no Friday for me. It's gonna be a busy day for me as well as Saturday for the DeafNation. :(
Why the sad face? That sounds like a fun day.

I will be interpreting a graduation ;)


Friday? Im off to complain to the audie and then go to work. After work...go home and hope there is something on TV.


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I was going to take friday off but I will be in office for a half-day cuz of graduation commencement on Saturday. I feel I should be there in case my stressed-out boss needs help.

and then I'm out by 2. I've got a little date with this latinoooo - gun range and movie. :cool2:


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Trw (friday) which my night off....i m not sure what i do have plan for trw(friday).. and maybe visit good friend of mine either go Deaf club depend my mood


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I have to work today, but that's okay because that's the day I will receive my paycheck! ;)


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Friday will be my first day off for the summer and I will spend it alone at home just relaxing. Then, I will pick up my daughter and just have a quiet evening at home. Tmw, we all are going to the beach if the weather is nice.


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I got home at 3.30pm today because I almost fell asleep at work! :( So I think I'm out for the rest of the day... ;)