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    0 | Phone Captioning System for FREE is designed to provide captioned telephone calls for the Hard of Hearing. This service transcribes voice dialogue into text allowing Hard of Hearing users to read captions of what the other party is saying in near real time. Try it by registering now!

    We assign you a dedicated toll-free PhoneCaption number to make and receive captioned calls.
    You can choose any of the following to make a call:

    Phone Caption – TEXT – This will allow you to view captioned text while you speak on the phone. If you are using an IP phone (i.e. Cisco 7960), you can read the transcribed text directly on your IP phone screen.Sign up to begin using this service today!

    About Us
    American Network has been providing services in the telecommunications business since 1991. As of January 2009, we have been approved by the Federal Communications Commission to provide IP Relay, Video Relay Services (VRS) and Internet Protocol Caption Telephone Service (IPCTS).

    PhoneCaption, in particular, is a service that we provide for individuals who are hard of hearing or have trouble hearing during phone conversations. If you find yourself asking the person you are speaking with to speak up, or to repeat them self, you will most definitely reap the benefits of PhoneCaption.

    PhoneCaption provides text captions of your caller’s voice, so that you can read what he or she is saying. This way, everything the caller is saying to you over the phone will appear on your computer screen, or Cisco IP Phone, word for word. There is absolutely no charge for using this service, and upon signing up, you receive a dedicated toll free number that you may distribute to your family and friends.

    Our desire to facilitate phone conversations is ideal for individuals who use their own voices while conversing on the telephone, but may struggle discerning the words of the person they are speaking to.

    We are committed to bringing innovative and first-rate services to the community, allowing individuals to benefit from a service that is functionally equivalent to that of a traditional telephone.

    PhoneCaption is a service of American Network, Inc. which provides services for the deaf and hard of hearing. To learn more about our other services, please visit American Net | Where Conversations Begin

    Partnerships :
    American Network is driven to work collaboratively with vendors who are mutually passionate about the decisive nature of hearing loss and the services that ultimately enhance communication passages for the deaf and hard of hearing communities. To establish relations with benefactors of these causes, American Network is constantly seeking to institute relationships with hardware vendors who are to willing to permit PhoneCaption to send captions to their SIP end points.

    If you have a phone which you would like to undergo the validation process, testing and ensuring that it is compatible with our service, please be sure to contact us. Or, if you believe you have technology that will contribute to our enhancement; comprising facets that will benefit those with hearing loss, we are immensely interested in hearing from you. Please send us an email at, and we will make sure it is passed along to the appropriate person within our enterprise.

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