Free in UK - old body worn radio aid kit


I offered this up on another site and someone wanted it then vanished into thin air, so here it is again. I have a Connevans CRM220 kit, transmitter, receiver, long and short patch cords, neck loop and DAI cables with various microphones, belt clips, neck lanyards and so on. Someone said she wanted them for a charity where they could use it to show people what a listening device could do for them, but then I could never get it to her. If anyone wants this stuff, I need nothing for it other than that it goes to a good and useful home. Might be prepared to post abroad if it's not too expensive.

Please only respond if YOU want it, no suggestions of "probably some charity might take it" unless you know the charity, you know they still take these items and you can identify the charity by name and the bit of their site where they say they do this. I have wasted too much time going after charity suggestions which don't want it.